Just had my 58 plymouth delivered here in the UK. I trusted Luthers description of 'the good, the bad and the ugly' points of the car and (as is the norm) totally expected it to have a long list of unmentioned 'ugly's' wrong with the car (there always is, and, to a degree you've got to expect it!) NOT with this guy!!! This is the most accurately described GOOD car that I've ever imported from the U.S. it FAR exceeds my expectations. Luther trusted me to send him the funds and removed it from ebay before I even sent him a deposit, he was a pleasure to deal with. I'm a veteran of the motor trade with nearly 35 years under my belt and a total of 45,000 cars bought and sold and I know the wheat from the chaff, this guy is the wheat and when I'm ready for another I will defo trust this man again. Thanks Luther, for its age this car is fantastic and if anything far better than you described it. 


Bob Gilpin - 11/2016
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